Cold Drawing
This process begins with a furnace thermal treatment to achieve a bright annealing for the product and to adjust the steel to the necessary properties for the drawing. PEASA has two furnaces that offer a bright finish to the product; with this thermal treatment the pipe’s structure is normalized. Each furnace has a 1500 ton/month capacity. At the end of this process the product is submitted to an oil immersion. Which by making contact with the pipe’s surface makes a phosphate layer, this layer will allow the material to flow between the tooling used in the drawing process. When the oil immersion is finished, the pipe is tacked to begin the drawing process, this is done by taking the pipe to a reel that places it between the tooling called plug and die, these control the external diameter, the thickness and the interior diameter, according to the client’s specifications. The cold drawing process helps us achieve high mechanical and dimensional specifications that other processes cannot. Capabilities: from 0.551 inches to 3,500 inches outside diameter, and from 0.031 to 0.196 inches wall thickness.